Our Story

HOW Club Equilibrium was born

      Love for Astrology, Gemology, and Yoga culture are all main inspirations that led to the founding of what is known today as Club Equilibrium, an American designer jewelry company headquartered in Chicago, USA.

The word “equilibrium” means “balance.” This balance is focused on the body, mind, and spirit. Once true balance of these three aspects of life is achieved, you can live in harmony with the Universe.

 Born of strong faith and unique ideas, Alexandra Grant (the Chief Designer and a co-founder of the Club Equilibrium) has known that true spirituality and the power of balance should be at the core of Club Equilibrium.

            Alexandra is known for many inspiring life roles such as a painter, musician, former Russian-Israeli designer (before moving to America), and skilled Yoga trainer. Each of these facets in her life, combined with traveling all around the world and living in many countries, has helped her to reach a point of beautiful design in natural stone jewelry that is made to help both men and women to reach within and discover their own inner spirituality.

Alexandra has combined her deep knowledge of gemology, numerology, and astrology to create courageous and unique pieces of powerful spiritual jewelry that can’t be found anywhere else.

      Being a Yoga trainer and teaching the power of balance has been a key part of Alexandra’s life for a long time. After studying the arts that come along with ancient spiritual practices, Grant fell in love with the far Eastern culture and their sacred knowledge of the power of natural stones. Alexandra was captivated by the enticing power and compelling nature that stems from the belief in the divinity of natural stones.

After years of meditation and practice, she decided to dedicate her knowledge and skills to help men and women to achieve their balance with Universe by creating unique pieces of natural stone jewelry, specifically designed for that purpose.

The Trident As A Symbol of Club Equilibrium

A Trident is a symbol of Club Equilibrium and is placed on all Club Equilibrium's jewelry and packaging. We strongly believe in its astonishing power and in its capability to significantly enhance the power of our jewelry.

What is the Trident?  A Trident is a three-pronged spear. It is a part of classical mythology of many cultures. In Hinduism, it is the symbol of power of Lord Shiva, known as Trishula.

The three prongs of the Trident represent the great TRINITIES: 

 -  Three Modes of Time - Past, Present, and Future;

 -  Three Modes of Power - Will, Action, and Wisdom;

 -  Three Types of Human Well-being– Physical, Mental, and Spiritual.

Since ancient times, the Trident has been used as a talisman of Superpower, Wealth and Abundance and the way to banish all Fears.

Size Guide

Size Guide

Women's sizes 

Wrist Size (Inches) Wrist Size (CM) Bracelet Size
5.5-5.8" 14.0-14.9 X-Small
5.9-6.2" 15.0-15.9 Small
6.3-6.6" 16.0- 16.9 Medium

*One size fits all - Fits on all wrists between 14 cm - 16,9 cm


Men's sizes 

Wrist Size (Inches) Wrist Size (CM) Bracelet Size
6.5-7" 16.5-17.8 Small
7-7.5" 17-8-19.0 Medium
7.5-8" 19.0-20.3 Large

*One size fits all - Fits on all wrists between 16,5 cm - 21 cm