Quartz crystals are known as “master healing" crystals that can be used to heal any condition that they are needed for. Quartz is one of the most famous crystals in the world, and they have been significant to cultures on every continent since ancient times. It was believed to be a source of great power and energy. Because of their unique properties, quartz crystals are one of the single most beneficial stones that you can introduce into your life. Quartz and, especially, the Rose Quartz is called a stone of universal love. It can help restoring trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love and friendship. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. Quartz can also help amplifying energy and the effect of other crystals.

Size Guide

Size Guide

Women's sizes 

Wrist Size (Inches) Wrist Size (CM) Bracelet Size
5.5-5.8" 14.0-14.9 X-Small
5.9-6.2" 15.0-15.9 Small
6.3-6.6" 16.0- 16.9 Medium

*One size fits all - Fits on all wrists between 14 cm - 16,9 cm


Men's sizes 

Wrist Size (Inches) Wrist Size (CM) Bracelet Size
6.5-7" 16.5-17.8 Small
7-7.5" 17-8-19.0 Medium
7.5-8" 19.0-20.3 Large

*One size fits all - Fits on all wrists between 16,5 cm - 21 cm